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2023 Legislative Policy Summary

This document states the legislative intent of the Chamber. Each piece of legislation will be evaluated based on whether it addresses the issue sufficiently to warrant endorsement or, in some cases, opposition.

Commerce, Industry, Transportation, Energy, & Economic Development:

Support legislation that promotes a healthy business climate and allows businesses to make the best operating decisions without government overreach. Legislative topics to watch include transportation, infrastructure, energy, economic development, and regulation.


Support tax legislation that promotes business growth and reduces the tax burden on business income and property, while maintaining critical services for citizens.


Support education legislation that upholds Idaho’s constitutional obligation to provide public education (Article 9, Section 1). Promote the success and growth of business in Idaho through an educational infrastructure that produces graduates with post-secondary credentials and workforce readiness.

Health Care:

Support legislation that promotes and funds a healthy, productive workforce and access to an array of health care resources to meet the health needs of the workforce and families. Legislative topics to watch include medical education, behavioral health care, and rural health.

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