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2022 Legislative Policy Summary

This document states the legislative intent of the Chamber. However, each piece of legislation will be evaluated as to whether it addresses the issue sufficiently to warrant endorsement.  In some cases, opposition to a given piece of legislation may be the result.


Commerce, Industry, Transportation, Energy, & Economic Development

Legislation and regulation that promote a healthy business climate.  Allow businesses to make the best decision for the operation of their business without government overreach.  Promoting economic development is critical to the success, retention, growth of businesses and jobs, and to generating the tax revenues necessary to provide quality education, needed government services and updated infrastructure.

Transportation:   Support appropriate increase in stable transportation funding to provide the needed dollars to build, repair and maintain our highways, roads and bridges and airports.

Energy:  Support the development of energy resources in a responsible manner.  Support minimizing legislative and regulatory obstacles to meet the growing energy needs of Idaho.

Economic Development:  Support the objectives of the Idaho Workforce Development Council, the continuation of TIF/Urban Renewal Districts and the continuation of the county property tax exemption as an incentive for economic development.  Support the research activities of the Idaho National Laboratory and Idaho State University.

Regulation:  Support minimizing future legislation and rules that become obstacles to business and platforms for legal challenges.  Support Idaho’s position as the least regulated state in the nation.

Liquor Licenses:  Support legislation that improves access to liquor licenses for restaurants while working to maintain the value of legacy licenses.


The Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce recognizes the need to have a fair and equitable tax code that enhances the business climate in Idaho while maintaining critical services for its citizens.

  • Support the elimination of the business personal property tax with replacement of lost revenue to local units of government and school districts.
  • Support scheduled periodic reviews of existing sales tax exemptions. These exemptions should be analyzed to determine if they are achieving their purpose and determining whether they should continue.
  • Idaho should consider sales tax exemptions to ensure competitiveness.


Investment in a well-educated and trained workforce is critical to the success and growth of business in Idaho. Funding education must be a high priority, to meet the needs for qualified teachers and to assure technical access to quality education for our children and safety in our schools.

K-12 Education

  • Support permanent funding for all-day kindergarten for all children.
  • Support enhanced salary, benefits, programs and incentives to attract, hire and retain highly qualified teachers and critical support staff and reduce the statewide teacher and labor shortage.
  • Support investing ARPA funds in upgrading infrastructure, facilities, and equipment at public schools.
  • Support initiatives to increase the “Go On Rate” in Idaho.
  • Support continued funding for Advanced Opportunities.
  • Support funding based on enrollment rather than attendance.

Higher Education

  • Support increased state funding for post-secondary education.
  • Support ARPA funding for a college endowment for post-secondary student scholarships.
  • Support Idaho State University’s Health Professions mission and training.

Health Care

A healthy, productive workforce is essential for business success. Robust health care education, an adequate array of health care providers, and access to essential care are necessary and contribute significantly to the economic vitality and sustainability of the community.

  • Support the appropriation of ongoing funding for the Behavioral Health Crisis Center in Southeast Idaho.
  • Support continued funding and development of family medicine, internal medicine, and psychiatry residency programs in Idaho, to address provider shortages.
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