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Week 7 – February 28, 2019

We continue to have great participation from our committee on attendance and 4 of our 6 legislators on the call again this week.  We began with a review from our sub committees.

Our Tax and Commerce Committee Chair Arlen Wittrock updated the group on outstanding Legislation. We then discussed the Federal Tax Conformity Issue which has now come out in H 183.  After discussion there was a motion and a second to support this legislation and that passed.  We then had some discussion about H 217 an Urban Renewal bill that both the cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck oppose.  After some discussion about the bill and how it would be opposed to positions that we have taken in the past on Urban Renewal there was a motion and a second to oppose this legislation.  The motion was voted on and approved. 

We also had some discussion on Health Ed issues including the approved education budget and the progress being made on Medicaid Expansion.

We then had our Call with Legislators. 

Mark Nye also emailed that JFAC was meeting starting at 7:30am and that he would not be able to attend.

On the call: 

Eva Nye subbing for Rep. Chris Abernathy, Rep. Randy Armstrong, Rep. Kevin Andrus and Sen. Jim Guthrie.   

Rep. Kevin Andrus went first, and mentioned H 146 on the Flat Recording fees was being held to work out some issues.  He also mentioned that the bill to move teacher starting pay up to $40,000 over the next two years.

Rep. Randy Armstrong mentioned that the Firearms in schools’ issue is very controversial.  He also mentioned H 93 which provide a non-traditional way for people to become teachers.  He also mentioned that the daylight savings bill had failed.

Sen. Jim Guthrie mentioned that H100 on rules that we have discussed previously is being held.  He also mentioned H 1056 which is a water bill that is trying to fix issues from previous water bills is being sent to amending orders.  He reported that even though it passed the Senate that he opposed S 1065 that moves sales tax money to transportation.  He also mentioned that three bills that affect the Federal Lands in Idaho HJM 5, HJM 8 and H 162.

Eva Nye who is subbing for Rep. Chris Abernathy just mentioned that she would only be there for a couple of days.

After the Call I brought up the issue of S 1065 that Jim had opposed and after some discussion the group decided that we should also oppose this bill.  A motion was made seconded and approved to oppose the bill.

Update on Legislation:

H 20 is Law and was supported by the Legislative Council.

H 88 has passed the house and is in Senate Transportation. This bill was supported by the Legislative Council.

H 128 is still in House Local Government.  This bill was opposed by the Legislative Council.

H 130 as been sent to amending.  This bill was opposed by the Legislative Council.

H 183 is in House Rev & Tax and was supported by the Legislative Council.

H 217 is in House Rev & Tax and was opposed by the Legislative Council.

S 1065 has passed the Senate and is in House Transportation.  This bill was opposed by the Legislative Council.

It was then mentioned that next week we would meet on Thursday March 7th at 7:00 am at the Clarion Inn and that we would have another call with Legislators to discuss issues.

Matthew J. Hunter

President & CEO

Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber