Week 4 – February 7, 2019

Pocatello Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce Legislative Blog

For our week 4 meeting we had a great crowd of folks in attendance and 5 of our 6 legislators on the call.  We began the meeting with a briefing on our Chamber Day at the Legislature earlier in the week.  Items of the most interest were presentations on the new Liquor Laws and on the New School Funding Formula.  We will keep an eye on both of these issues.

The Committee asked Stephen Weeg to update us on Medicaid Expansion so he brought a couple of information sheets with updates on how the funding would flow and what the cost would be for the state over time.  He then went over those sheets and we had a time of Questions and Answers on Medicaid Expansion.  The Chamber is in support of implementing what the voters approved.

We the had our Call with Legislators. 

On the call: 

Rep. Randy Armstrong, Rep. Elaine Smith, Rep, Rep. Kevin Andrus, Sen. Jim Guthrie & Sen. Mark Nye.  Arlen Wittrock the Chair of our Tax & Commerce sub-committee was also on the call.

Senator Jim Guthrie started with discussion on early Childhood Education, City Farm Annexation, the Liquor License Issue S1040, a bill on Firefighter negotiations S1038, An Electrical Installer Bill S1009, A bill making PTSI issues a worker’s comp claim for First Responders S1028, The School Turnaround Bill S1029 and he mentioned that there is a bill coming on CBD Oil.

Senator Mark Nye discussed that JFAC would be beginning to set budgets for different parts of the government. He also mentioned a bill on Wolf Depredation and work that is being done to reform Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws

Rep. Randy Armstrong made mention that for the first time in many years the house had no bills on the 2nd or 3rd reading calendar and the legislature is moving slow.  He mentioned a bill that would only allow 2 elections to be held each year in the state, a bill on HOA’s being required to allow Solar Panels on Roofs H82, mentioned work on the School Funding Formula and HJR002 on Changing the redistricting Commission membership.

Rep. Kevin Andrus mentioned A flat Rate Recording fee bill that is coming, a bill n how Idaho handles Daylight Savings Time and a bill on concealed weapons on campus.

Rep. Elaine Smith mentioned the redistricting bill will be a problem.  She also mentioned H82 referenced earlier, the Daylight Savings Bill and a bill in Health and Welfare about the investigation of reported child abuse.

Update on Legislation:

H 20 which we supported has passed both the house and the Senate and has been signed into LAW. The bill moves $10 million from the Gail Life Sciences Building Project to the EAMES Complex for Career and Technical Education.  The Gail Life Sciences project is being reworked and will come up again in the future.  This bill was part of our 2019 Policy Summary which lists all of the agenda items for the Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber Legislative Council.

It was then mentioned that next week we would meet on Thursday February 14th at 7:00 am at the Clarion Inn and that we would have another call with Legislators to discuss issues.

Matthew J. Hunter

President & CEO

Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber