On October 12, 2017 the Leadership Pocatello-Chubbuck Class of 2017-2018 embarked on their Industry Day tours. These tours truly highlighted some of the great industrial facilities in the area!

The day began with Positive Leadership Training where the class learned about the leadership capacity of Authenticity. During this discussion, the class was educated on core principles that authentic leaders employ to amplify their social force.

After a great training, the class was off on the first tour at the American Falls Dam. The class toured the facility and saw first-hand how water can produce electricity at the Idaho Power Hydroelectric Plant. The magnitude of the equipment was without a doubt a remarkable sight.

Next, the class visited Amy’s Kitchen. The tour began with a delicious lunch provided by Amy’s, and a brief history of the company beginnings and values. After lunch, the class toured the production lines and noticed that automation is kept to a minimum in this facility. With this business philosophy, one can truly see the love that is put into each meal.
Finally, the class arrived at the J.R. Simplot Company’s Don Plant. Here the class learned about the history of Simplot, and a great deal about the process behind making crop nutrients. It was quite the sight to walk through the process to see how a simple Phosphate slurry can become granular fertilizer.

Each of the facilities the class toured gave everyone an appreciation for things that some may take for granted. There is an incredible amount of work and infrastructure that goes into producing power, making food, and manufacturing fertilizer.