This day was a day of firsts and a day of lasts. But most importantly, it was a day to learn more about our wonderful community and the opportunities that exist to serve others and create lasting memories with members of our community. Our day was spent entirely at the main office of ICCU, who was generous enough to donate their meeting space to us for the day.

The day started off with all class members given the information needed in order to have a successful Diplomat year, and how to earn the points required to graduate next June. It was exciting to see that so many of the class members already had plans for how to redeem their points, and to see so many people ready to take on their new adventure, and making plans to have a successful Diplomat Year.

The remainder of the day we were privileged to hear from many service organizations and volunteers from our community that pointed out the many opportunities to serve that exist in our community. Each class member was inspired in a different way, and it will be great to see so many of our Diplomats representing their chosen organizations, and working hard to make our society a better place. Lunch was provided by Butter Burr’s, and not only was lunch filling and tasty, but this gave everyone an opportunity to unwind from an information-filled morning, and to build the camaraderie one last time before they transitioned to their Diplomat Year!

It was a bittersweet day for those of us that would graduate the next day, and exciting for those that would be transitioning to their Diplomat Year. Many lasting relationships were created throughout the year, leadership skills were learned, created, and perfected, and lives were touched in so many different ways. The future is bright, and many of the stars and lights were part of this year’s Leadership class.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi