For the month of March, the Leadership class took a tour of some various industries in our community. Our first stop was at Amy’s Kitchen. What an amazing business they have! It was awesome to hear their philosophies and what got them into this business. All of their products are handmade and automation is kept to a minimum as their focus is on people. We got to tour the lines where they assemble the meals and then at the end they cooked some of the foods we had just watched for us to taste. We felt very honored when they told us that we were the first group they had given a tour to since they opened. Their commitment and passion for what they do really showed.

Our next stop was at the Simplot Plant. There we were given an overview of the plant operations while eating a delicious lunch that was catered by Del Monte Meats. After lunch we got to tour the facility and see into the heart of the process. We got to see how the Phosphate Ore is brought into the plant, to where the finished products are made and stored for shipment. It was an amazing insight into what goes on at the plant to our West, and left quite an impression on many in the class.

Our last stop was the City of Pocatello’s Water Pollution Control facility. This was an educational visit into something that we all just take for granted. Where does our waste go after it leaves our house? We learned about what equipment is in place to handle it, and that anything that is advertised as “flushable” isn’t always something that is friendly to them and their equipment. We learned how they process the waste with the use of micro-organisms through a series of tanks. We saw their big expansion project going on that will give them more capacity to handle the communities sewage flows for years to come. While the odor left quite an impact on many, the learning portion was equally as impactful.