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Chamber Business-Leadership Pocatello-Chubbuck Art and History Day By: Erica Percy

erica-croppedThe Leadership Pocatello-Chubbuck Art and History day was a great experience for all that attended.  We started our day at ICCU with fruit and coffee from Starbucks in Chubbuck.  I was the presenter for our positive leadership training and talked about authenticity.  The class all agreed that we like to work with leaders we can trust.  In building ourselves to become better leaders, we will focus on actions that increase our capacity for being authentic.

We loaded the bus with our amazing bus driver, River, from School District 25, who drove us to ISU to tour the Natural History Museum.  Leif Tapanila and his staff took us on an incredible behind the scenes tour.  We were able to see so many interesting artifacts and fossils.  We also learned that if someone finds a fossil in Idaho; it must stay in Idaho.  We were all surprised to learn that so many fossils have been found in American Falls.  We toured the museum and really enjoyed the Idaho Power exhibit.  After our tour, we had Dr. Paul Link give us a lecture on the Great Caldera and the Bonneville Flood.  It was so interesting to learn about the history of where we live and what may come in the future.

Our next stop was lunch at the brand new remodeled Turner Hall. What an amazing place for a buffet lunch for students and the public.  Matt, the director, made sure we had a great lunch experience.  Our favorite was the Margherita pizza.  The chairs and booths were so comfortable and put in by Porter’s Office Supplies.

After lunch, we loaded the bus and headed downtown to Old Town.  Lisa started us off on a glimpse of the haunted tours they conduct for Halloween.  It was so much fun, scary, and so interesting we were all ready to buy our tickets and go on the full tour.  If you are interested in tickets go to www.oldtownpocatello.com.

Stephanie Palagi continued the tour by taking us around Old Town.  She reminded us to look up and see when the building was built; most have a date and name on them.   One of our favorites was the tour though the Whitman Hotel, what a nice place to live now.  We are all so fortunate to have such a beautiful downtown.  Everyone in the group learned something new; even those of us that have lived here our whole life.

Our next class will be Thursday, November 10th and the focus will be Law and Government.