With February Fantasy now in the rear view mirror, I would like to take the time to thank so many wonderful individuals that helped make the event a success. From the Chamber Staff to all the volunteers who came together, your time and effort are greatly appreciated.  Events like this don’t just happen and we are so fortunate to live in a community where so many people generously provide their talents and resources for the benefit of our Chamber membership. Thank you again!

As you interact with people in the community and you tell them of your involvement in the Chamber, have they ever asked, “What does the Chamber do exactly?”. From my days back as the executive director, it was imperative to have our Board, Staff and membership be able to answer that question quickly and effectively. With the Chamber doing so many different things in our community, we came up with a simple,  yet effective way of sharing what the Chamber does by remembering the Chamber S.A.I.D. – Serves, Advocates, Informs and Develops. The Chamber Serves its membership through meetings, events, education, advertising. The Chamber Advocates for our membership though our local and state legislative councils as well as maintaining a presence within the cities, county, school district, and ISU. The Chamber Informs, working as an information center to not only those in our community but also to visitors and tourist looking to visit or move here. And finally the Chamber Develops, developing our community with partnerships with Bannock Development, Idaho Commerce, and all the various economic and growth builder organizations throughout our cities as well as the state. Obviously this just scratches the surface but as you are out promoting the Chamber, just remember the Chamber S.A.I.D. –  Serves, Advocates, Informs, and Develops.