Doing the Right Thing

In my line of work, I am asked quite frequently to volunteer our services. I think it is very important to do so. Research has shown that the good feelings you experience when helping others can be important to your health. But it’s the smile from a thankful person or business that shows you’re making a difference.

Our community is unique as it offers many avenues to volunteer and make a difference. There are so many wonderful nonprofit organizations that lie within our surroundings where you could be the difference they may need.

Angela Forhan who is a senior at Century this year, just received a President Award for Service for volunteering and leading in our community. She is a game-changer, and we could all learn from her and give just a little more time and smiles to make the community a stronger, better environment. I am proud to say I know Angela and her parents.

Now is a good time to help our in our community. There are so many ways to give of your time and talents. Set a S M A R T goal “Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely” and everyone benefits.

There are many reasons I love living and raising my family in Pocatello and the sense of Community that surrounds us is one of them.

Enjoy your Spring.