You’re coming through loud and clear…

Thank you for all the lively communication. Many smiles were shared when people let me know they were staying in touch or shared some thoughts. We have started discussing and planning from the ideas.

Technology is one of the important topics to address. How to use it? What is the best way? Who? What? When? Integration? Please help.

Should we start a Technology Committee? A group that can help us tie all of this Technology together? Implement in a fun and interactive way. The Chamber of Commerce is a FUN Group. We share good times together. We meet our friends and make new friends at all of the great events. It should be easy to share that with the community. Emails, Social Media, Websites, Contact Info, Software, Calendars, should be a great part of that effective communication. I wish it was as simple as it sounds. It takes some special learning, time and effort. A special knack. Do you know someone who has the knack and the time to help? So many questions so few answers.

Your Chamber is strong and healthy. It has a wonderful full time staff, great volunteers, supportive business culture, money in the bank. Help in bringing all of this together for the benefit of our community is appreciated!

Thank you,

Tanner Hernandez, Chair of the Board of Directors