As a community full of thriving business, fresh start-up companies, vacant buildings and empty lots, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what our economic grade is. As a small business owner, I can tell you that there is a shift occurring within our business community, and as Chair of the Chamber, I can assure you it is a positive and necessary change.

Our business community is strong, and the support Chamber members provide to each other is remarkable. Our staff is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, business advice, leadership and assistance to each member. Through communication, outreach, various committees and volunteers, the Pocatello Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce not only maintains an abnormally high retention rate, but also has a very high number of new members each month.

While the Chamber focuses primarily on assisting our members, I feel it’s necessary to also share that the Chamber also puts great emphasis on assisting our community. We recently held a barbecue for Idaho Gives participants-not for profits within our communities were invited to join forces and fun on May 3rd, to celebrate and collect donations on the day of giving. We held a breakfast for volunteers on May 5th for Pocatello’s Clean-up Day, and today, on the 15th, we’re reminding everyone to go and vote in our Primary election. Every vote counts, and you can be a part of Bannock County’s success by casting your vote today.

When we all work together with the greater good in mind, amazing things happen. Working with all our Chamber members, community members, staff and volunteers, I’m confident this season of change is not fleeting. The support our local business owners, managers and staff receive is proof that we are a community who cares, who believes in ourselves and celebrates our potential. Please be sure you are part of the shift, part of the positive. It’s an exciting time, and with Chamber and community support, our community will continue its path to excellence.