Hope and Recovery Resource Center is an Idaho 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving people who are in recovery from alcohol/drug use and/or mental health disorders. Hope and Recovery is dedicated to promoting healthy communities in a cooperative effort with those in recovery, family members, allies, local professionals and organizations.  We believe the best way to treat those we seek to help is with dignity and respect.

Our purpose

Hope and Recovery is committed to a peer support model with much of the work provided by the volunteers who are in recovery.  Our center provides FREE support services to promote recovery through advocacy, education and service.

Hope and Recovery strives to end the discrimination surrounding behavioral health issues and endeavors to remove social barriers and reduce the stigma of recovery while ensuring those in recovery (and their supports) are valued and treated with dignity and respect.

We believe in meeting people where they are and not pushing one form of recovery over another. We recognize there are many pathways to recovery and focus on the potential rather than pathology. We accept as true the self-directed person who is seeking recovery. We believe individuals are considered to be in recovery if they say they are in recovery. Hope and Recovery Resource Center offers hope and a new way of living with ongoing peer support.

Key Offerings

The major service needs for those suffering from mental illness and/or addiction are jobs, transportation and housing. Other FREE services include recovery support, mental health support, finance training, health care education, nutrition, basic computer skills, volunteering, emotional support and Yoga.

Key Clients

Hope and Recovery serves Idaho Region 6. Targeting individuals in early recovery from substance use and/or mental health disorders or those recently released from incarceration or treatment programs or psychiatric hospitals is the audience we seek to serve.  By providing more of the needed services, Hope and Recovery seeks to increase the success rate for recovering individuals and decrease the burden on the citizens of Idaho. Hope and Recovery works closely with other agencies in Southeastern Idaho to provide referrals for anything which is beyond our means.

Please join us for the All Member Meeting on Friday, July 6 at the Clarion Inn.  Cost is $15.  Trade Tables open at 11:30 and lunch and the meeting begin at noon. RSVP to the Chamber at 233-1525, email Deb at dbeckett@pocatelloidaho.com, or visit the Chamber website at www.pocatelloidaho.com.

Contact Us 208-417-1749

210 East Center Street, Suite D, Pocatello, Idaho 83201