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Reduce Costs

“It costs employers an average of $1500 MORE per year to insure an obese employee than it does someone of average weight. This includes medical services, expenses, premiums etc… The total cost for employees in categories listed above is assumed to be even higher when other factors such as absenteeism and productivity are taken into account.”
Employee Benefit News; May 1997

Reduced Absenteeism

“Northern Gas Company employees who participate in the company’s corporate exercise program take 80% fewer sick days than non-exercising employees.”
Health Promotion and Education Programs, Riverside Occupation Health Services, 1991

Increase Productivity

“As the result of a pilot program at Honeywell, Inc. which offered a $200 cash incentive based on participation in certain program areas, program coordinators estimated a 70% to 150% return on investment from reduced medical claims alone.”
Business and Health, November 1992

Increase Employee Morale

Wellness programs can also help alleviate depression and help employees manage their time and stress levels better, all of which are contributing factors to missed work days. Company sponsored wellness programs send a clear message to employees that management values them and their well-being.

Decrease Employee Turnover

Healthy employees tend to be happier and not as restless to leave. The healthier and happier the work force, the less a company has to spend on hiring and training new personnel.
“The annual turnover rate for wellness program participants of the Canada Life Assurance Company of Toronto was 1.8%, compared to the company-wide average of 18%.” American Journal of Health Promotion, April-May 1993





To promote wellness and activate a health-minded
employee population in Southeast Idaho.


If you are interested in joining this committee,
please Contact
John Azzola
Director of Member Services